Why Storage Staffing?

Why Storage Staffing?

A couple of years ago, I started consulting on a large scale Storage migration project for a client, and I was amazed by the distance that people had traveled to work with us.  I had moved 800 miles for this migration engagement.  Some of the Storage specialists that I was working with had traveled across the country for this project, and others had daily/weekly commutes of 1-4 hours.  Many had to rent temporary housing. I could not believe that the talent needed for our Storage migration was not available in this major metro market area.  After working with these talented Storage professionals, I realized the reason why they had traveled so far.


Storage Management is as much art as it is science, and the professionals who do this type of work are both creative and scientific in their approach to Storage Management.  This is no different than most software developers, but developers have a clear career path that is easily defined, whereas the career path is not as structured for a Storage Engineer.

It’s common for Storage environments to see 40-50% growth, and from a physical size, the jump in skill set from managing 10 TBs to 100 TBs to PBs is significant.  There are very different skill sets required to manage a Storage environment that is 10 TBs and growing 4 TB’s as opposed to one that is 1PB and growing 400 TBs.  Additionally, the knowledge is dispersed across NAS, SAN, Mainframe architectures, fiber and ethernet fabrics, as well as 5-10 different Storage vendors.  Mix this with the number of different roles for a large scale Storage migration project (more on this in another article), and all of a sudden you are searching for a very unique individual. It was at this moment on the project, I realized Storage Engineers are a rare breed.

Consider the case of a company seeking a Storage Architect for a 400 TB NAS / SAN mixed EMC / IBM Storage Environment, on a Brocade fabric, and considering moving to Hitachi or NetApp Storage.  There are many variables in the requirements for this person, which means that the company must either (a) relocate someone from out of the area to assist them on this position, (b) acquiesce on some of the requirements for the dream hire, or (c) both relocate and acquiesce to find the person who is the best match for their specific environment.


This leads me to the question, “Why Storage Staffing?”

At Storage Staffing, we constantly speak with Storage professionals looking for opportunities throughout the US everyday.  We know the ins and outs of the US Storage job market, and we can help your company find and hire the best Storage talent.  If you are a candidate, wouldn’t you rather work with a firm that understands you aren’t a Server Admin?


Recently we had an HR Screener tell us that they weren’t going to consider our candidate for an EMC Storage Engineer position. The screener said he didn’t have the word “SAN” in his resume, and “SAN experience is really important for this position.”  The candidate didn’t have the string matching “SAN” in his resume BUT he did have Clariion, VMAX, and VNX!!!  Really?  Fortunately, we were able to get over that hurdle and secure an interview for this talented Storage professional.


Storage Staffing recruits exclusively for Data Storage professionals nationwide.  We understand Data Storage.

Could your career search benefit from the use of a recruiter who understands Data Storage?  Contact us.  We’d love to speak with you!

Storage Staffing specializes in providing businesses with highly skilled Storage professionals capable of turning even the most complex and challenging data management issues into something manageable.  Let us provide one of our Heros’ for your next Storage Project.  We also offer a dedicated Migration Hit Squat ™ that will knock out your migration and leave without a trace.


Storage Staffing solving the resource needs of the Storage community one Hero at a time.

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About the founders of Storage Staffing:


Joe Bowman – Founder Storage Staffing / Sr. Storage Recruiter

Joe joe@storagestaffing.com is a Founder, Sr. Storage Recruiter for Storage Staffing. He is also a PMP Certified project manager with experience in the Storage industry leading and staffing enterprise wide, time sensitive Storage Migration projects for clients such as 5/3 Bank.  Most recently Joe has focused his skills on helping companies acquire Storage Heroes to remedy their Storage Management resource needs nationwide.


Shelton Dickson – Founder Storage Staffing / Sr. Storage Recruiter

Shelton is an IT Industry veteran who started his work with MTW Consulting as an Insurance Software Developer and at that time worked to develop the first web based policy quoting and management systems for Property and Casualty giants like Travelers Insurance.  After MTW, he started doing IT Recruiting because of his love for making connections and building relationships in the Nashville IT community.  He he been an IT Recruiter in Nashville for 10 years and owns his own firm Dickson Resources.  In May of 2011 he founded Storage Staffing and officially launched the company with Joe Bowman at EMC World.  Storage recruiting hasn’t been the same since!


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