Storage Staffing is now offering Remote Mainframe Storage Consulting™

Storage Staffing is now offering Remote Mainframe Storage Consulting

There’s been a looming crisis with Mainframe talent.  As Mainframes have aged so has the top tier group of professionals who have been responsible for maintaining these environments.  The pool of qualified professionals to maintain business critical Mainframes have started to retire.  The assumption has always been… “The Mainframe is going away”, and why would any aspiring young IT professional want to dedicate their career to a maintaining an environment that is approaching end-of-life.  Now we find ourselves in an environment where the Mainframe continues to be as business critical as it ever was for many enterprises.  The mainframe has not gone away, and there is a talent shortage in the Mainframe community.  Storage Staffing is stepping up to offer the solution of Remote Mainframe Storage Consulting at a reasonable price. 

Remote Mainframe Storage Consulting services can be purchased in blocks as small as 100 hours.  With our try before you buy guarantee what do you have to lose?  Contact Joe Bowman at 615-269-6030 or submit an inquiry on our Contact Form at  to discuss how Storage Staffing can augment your existing Mainframe Storage team with a pool of talented professionals.

Remote Mainframe Storage Consulting – After all… When was the last time you worked hands on with your Mainframe?


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